Architectural Review Board (ARB)

All requests for ARB approval (see below) must be made using the form that you can findhere.

Approval of any plans for construction, modification, or alteration of buildings or landscaping within the C&O Club Association is a two-step process. Per Article VI A, Section 4 of the Bylaws, “persons wishing to make Improvements within the Condominium shall submit preliminary plans to the Review Board for preliminary approval.” Those plans should be submitted to the President or Vice President of the Association, who will forward them to the Review Board. If the Review Board approves the preliminary plans, it may specify additional required final plans, per the Bylaws.

The following excerpts are for the convenience of Co-Owners and do not substitute for the Bylaws themselves.

Article VI A, Section 1 of the Association Bylaws provides:

“The purpose of this section is to assure for the benefit of the Co-Owners … and the Association, that the improvements hereafter erected within the Condominium will be harmonious with one another and with the area in which the Condominium is located. To assure such harmony and compatibility, the Association shall establish an architectural review board (“Review Board”) which shall consist of three (3) members, all of whom … shall be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association, for an unlimited number of one (1) year terms. Such Review Board shall have the right to approve or reject plan for any Improvements (as defined below) to be constructed with the Condominium Project and any modifications or alterations thereto.”

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